A Better Brain, Just by Listening? New At-Home Device

Recently, we discovered Forbrain®, a predominantly at-home intervention that can also be used with us in the office.  With Forbrain®, you listen to your own voice with a special headset that enhances specific frequencies of speech. Bone conduction transmits the sound of your own voice 10 times faster and with greater clarity than air conduction. It’s useful for children and adults — anyone, wanting to improve speaking, memory and focus.

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Neurofeedback and Performance

Sports are the greatest test of concentration, flexibility and problem solving. Increasingly we see more reports of competitive athletes drawing on the benefits of biofeedback and neurofeedback (biofeedback for the brain).

Many athletes including Kirk Cousins , Kerri Walsh-Jennings, and Lucas Giolito have shown the promise of using neurofeedback in sports. So, how does neurofeedback affect a person's ability to play sports?

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"I’ll Pay You Back..."

So my niece went crazy at the Dollar Store and TJ Maxx.

The project was to get things for a wellness package to distribute to homeless people over Thanksgiving weekend. 

She had done some research on what those living in the streets need most and it was socks and, believe it or not, foot fungus cream. Anyone in the world would feel better in the socks she got.

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On Thanksgiving: Kids Can Save Us

We got to Macy’s with hopes of touring their magical holiday windows when we were approached by a homeless man asking for money.  Vivienne was surprised to have someone talk to us that we didn’t know. When we declined to contribute, she stood still. The crowd was thick and pushing to see the enchanting story land thru the State Street Macy’s windows. She just stood still and looked up at us.

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Celebrating Einstein, 5 Ways to Grow Your Genius

Einstein has been a hero of mine since I was a kid. The reasons for that have changed over time. Early on, I just loved his unruly hair, how both rebellious and distinguished he looked at the same time. Also, he was considered a true genius for his scientific discoveries, like E= MC squared — whatever that meant. 

This article will help you celebrate Einstein's genius and cultivate your own. 

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Anniversary Effects & Social Media: When a Pop-Up May Decode Life

Last week I felt like I hadn't had enough vacation time even though I was just returning from the long holiday break. The fact that it was consistently less than 10 degrees outside certainly was a factor but another was my deep sense of fatigue. My spirits picked up some once in the office. Lots of self-care over time helped too – yoga, Zumba and sleep -- but I still felt tired. 

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Is Your Limbic Brain Showing?

Have you ever had a boss or been a boss for whom everything was an emotional issue?  

As a leadership coach, one major pattern I often see that gets leaders in trouble has to do with brain function. I'll make this simple. Different parts of the brain do different things. Operating from different locations, particularly the Limbic Brain or Prefrontal Cortex, can help or hurt our efforts. 

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