Neurofeedback, psychotherapy, and coaching are the key services of Diane Wilson, LCPC, BCN. She is a board-certified practitioner who loves helping people achieve peak performance. Her clients include athletes, executives, students, and moms. Issues include ADHD, ADD, depression, anxiety and stress, sleep issues, migraines, substance abuse, aging and memory loss, trauma, phobias, panic attacks, underemployment, career indecision, and other conditions that can prevent us from having a full life. Diane is also the author of the award-winning book called "Back in Control: How to Stay Sane, Productive and Inspired in Your Career Transition."  Its lessons have provided the basis for peak performance. Her tools include EMDR, QEEG brain scans and EEG based brain training. She relies on her background in career and executive coaching and training in clinical psychology to help her clients achieve goals. Recently, she added certification in neuro-meditation and meditation. Practicing what she preaches, Diane loves the work she does.

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Board Certified!

Board Certified!


Back in Control

I have read your book three times and have been through two layoffs and am now happier than ever in my career. Your instruction has brought me to where I am. Since you autographed your book, I will not let it go.
— J.W.
Diane G. Wilson

Diane G. Wilson

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We are happy to answer any questions you may have about how we can help you Reach Your Peak.  Call 312-925-5176 or email us at the address below.

A Tailored Solution

What is your vision for peak performance in work, sports, art, health and/or life? 

No two people share exactly the same dreams and goals. What are yours?

Together, we will design a plan to address your challenges and reach your peak.  Our innovative yet holistic tool chest includes:

  • Career Assessment

  • Psychological Testing

  • EMDR

  • Biofeedback

  • Neurofeedback

  • Interactive Metronome┬« (IM)

  • Coherent Breathing

  • Sound Therapy

  • Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

  • Thermal Training

  • Mindfulness Training

  • Neuro-Meditation

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Cognitive Training including focus and memory

These tools are used in the context of the coaching and counseling relationship -- to monitor and maximize your progress.

Our clients include executives, lawyers, visual and performing artists, athletes, adolescents, stay-at-home moms, college students and professionals worried about staying mentally sharp enough for competitive settings.

We offer Services to both individuals and organizations for their employees. 

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I'm Diane Wilson

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I am a coach, counselor and psychotherapist, board-certified in neurofeedback.

My background is in career counseling and executive coaching.  For years, I have had the privilege of sitting across from many courageous people struggling with work issues. They taught me many lessons from their secrets. In 2004, I drew upon those to fortify and inspire others in my first book called Back in Control: How to Stay Sane, Productive and Inspired in Your Career Transition.

Since then, my own career has continued to evolve. I've added new passions and tools to my list. One of my great pleasures now is leveraging neuroscience to address challenges which stand in the way of peak performance -- such as ADD, anxiety, sleeplessness.

If you read the rest of my story, you'll understand why I started in this direction.

If you read the stories of my clients, on the Services pages, you'll understand why I continue.

And, if you're wondering what neurofeedback or EMDR even is, we'll fill you in on that too. 

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