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Interactive Metronome (IM) Stories


You may already know about my Interactive Metronome® journey from my recent Blog (Memory, Rhythm, Clapping: The Power of  Millisecond) and my tidy office. I love this tool and have begun collecting stories from clients.

Prior to a major shift in geography, Annie (below) decided some brain brightening was in order to give herself every advantage in approaching this new step with energy and clarity. So she decided to purchase a 15-session package, which she completed over a period of 5 weeks. I hope you enjoy her story. Annie, best wishes in your transition!

Transition and Confidence

There are certain points in life where you want to feel your best -- and then some. An artist, educator and editor, Annie was looking for brain training to improve her memory and processing before making a job transition.


What is it like to do the IM Program?

IM was challenging, but Annie gained energy, confidence, and more social ease. Her biggest takeaway was success after a nurturing and fruitful experience.


Planting Seeds and Opening Doors

IM can benefit people of any age. For Annie it has planted a seed and opened a door of perception in how she communicates with others. One of her next challenges is to continue learning the German language. "Keep moving forward," she says.

To learn more about the Interactive Metronome®, go here.


Interactive Metronome® and Golf

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