Diane Wilson is an experienced speaker and workshop presenter.  Her well-known January workshop helps people examine the previous year and plan for the year ahead.

Train Your Brain
Scholarship Recipients Selected!


In the spirit of giving back, since many have supported my work, we have awarded a limited number of scholarships for training on the Interactive Metronome® (IM) with us this summer. We reviewed all applications and have contacted the recipients.

My new Assistant Brain Coach, Tricia Dangcalan, and I have seen clients make great strides with Interactive Metronome® (IM) in terms of: focus and mental stamina, reducing procrastination, confidence and decisiveness, information processing speed, feeling more “with it” in meetings, speech fluency, and emotional intelligence in leadership.

Training will be done three times a week in our downtown office, ideally. Scholarship entails 15 sessions free of charge, includes pre and post training testing, and ongoing progress tracking.

Many of the studies done on the IM's success are based on the 10-15 session protocol. Subsequent sessions, if desired, will be offered for a reduced fee. 

An At-Home remote training option is feasible but would entail an additional fee for the home equipment purchase.

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Everyone I talked to was so glad to have taken the time to spend the day exploring goals for next year and gaining a better understanding, greater focus, and steely courage for the future through the exercises. It was truly a heartwarming, inspiring experience. Your commitment to the growth and expannsion of the human spirit is a precious gift to the world!
— A.W.
You are an outstanding facilitator with a warm, honoring style that truly made us feel at home and open up! Your authentic and thorough style helped us feel good about last year and excited to forge forward on this one!
— D.D.
Excellent presentation; it was very well received. The members [financial executives] weren’t really expecting the exercises, but I think it piqued their interest. It was a great success.
— M.O.
[Your presentation] was a perfect combination of expertise and kindness. I loved your knowledge and style. It was so impressive. You are a total Rock Star!
— E.F.
I just wanted to take this opportunity again to say a sincere thank you for your excellent talk [Conference Keynote]. I believe you touched many lives. I know you inspired me. We tend to watch a speaker and think, ‘She has it all together. She hasn’t faced my type of problems.’ Thank you for your vulnerability in showing us you’ve faced challenges too.
— Resource Specialist
The workshop helped me stop the chatter of so many distractions—each one barking, ‘Me, Me!’ and focus on myself, my needs, my wants, my dreams. Diane, as a gentle coach, was in sync with me as I focused.
— A. W.
It gives me great hope to know that no matter what happened in the past, I have the power to shape my future through planning and follow-up action. Thank you, Diane.
— P.C.