Summer Road Trip!

Diane on a road trip.

For some, the term "Road Trip!" will conjure up visions of the Blues Brothers, Borat, Zombies, or others. It’s making a long trip, usually in a car, with others. As summer moves ahead at an all too fast pace, I want you to consider this, okay?

How often do we make the opportunity to spend hours in conversation?

The Road Trip is the perfect solution.

Recently, I had the choice of flying from Chicago to a conference in Minneapolis or driving with a group of cohorts for the 6-hour trip. In the end, I decided in favor of banter and bonding. My husband was baffled, but it sounded like fun to me as it would give my colleagues and me the opportunity to talk, not talk and just be together driving thru the country.

We were able to anticipate the conference together and then 5 days later on the post-conference ride, we debriefed, shared insights, and just hung out. It was so great, I couldn’t believe it. 

So now I think of my car as a bit of a Blues Brothers sedan. It’s an opportunity to find adventure, exercise my story telling and listening, laugh and sing, and make a deeper human connection with friends, colleagues or family.

Hope you find some Road Trip time too before the summer is over. 

Diane (with Lisa ☺️)