QEEG Brain Scan & Assessment Services (Limited Offer)



When I talk with people about my neurofeedback work, the response is often the same: "That's amazing, you do brain scans? I'd like to do that some day."

Now you have the opportunity.

This June, we invested in the latest state-of-the art scanning equipment and I underwent intensive training to administer and interpret QEEG scans (Quantitative ElectroEncephalography). We also partnered with New Mind Technologies to access an impressive array of tools to create a broader picture of how an individual is doing and to track progress. Additionally, we're working with longtime colleague Dr. Kathy Abbott who assists and oversees the QEEG service, which helps support insurance reimbursement.

We've had excellent success in providing these assessments. Clients are grateful for the feedback. I've seen a QEEG brain map crack the code more than once on why a person can't focus, sleep or stop having panic attacks.

What is Your Brain Scan and Assessment Like?

It starts with a private, one-on-one interview on your goals and background. Then we'll do an EEG (ElectroEncephalograph) brain scan and a series of self-ratings, checklists, and real-time brain performance tests. Results will be compiled for the last step -- an in-depth feedback session. The process can be divided into 2 or 3 separate appointments. From the data, we will provide you a:

  • QEEG map showing brain activity relative to normative groups.

  • Basic brain performance profile on 11 key cognitive areas (memory, attention, etc.)

  • Metabolic analysis based on physiological assessment to consult with your medical doctor.

  • Grid of social, emotional and behavioral patterns compared to normative and peak performance groups. You will be able to see your patterns - both strengths and areas for improvement.

Metrics are basic to the neurofeedback training I do. However, completing a Brain Scan and Assessment will not obligate you to do neurofeedback or preassume it is right for your needs.

What Kind of People Do You Help? 

Our neurofeedback focuses primarily on adults and young adults with concerns with ADD, AD/HD, stress, anxiety, depression, sleep and peak performance.  Clients include business executives, physicians, coaches, performing arts, teachers, software engineers, lawyers, moms, dads and college students. 

How Much Does the Brain Scan and Assessment Cost?

In most cases, our clients with Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance (where I am an in-network provider) have been reimbursed. Every policy is different though. If you'd like us to verify your BCBS benefits, call Gary at (708) 267-5677. Also call Gary to help you if have another type of insurance.

Special Limited Offer

Until the end of the year, we're offering a special fee for self-pay clients. Please call (312 925-5176) or send an email (diane.g.wilson@gmail.com) if you'd like more details.  

One Client's Experience

I'm humbled by the neuroscience technology and our successes. It's very exciting. Here is a woman in her late 50's who worked with me during the summer. 

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to get Diane Wilson's neurofeedback treatment. As a result of the treatment, I have transformed a lifelong pattern of despair and negativity to a much healthier and happier approach to life. I am sure that the brain training created that shift. It has changed my life for the better."     --Terry E.

For questions or to arrange an appointment contact us at 312 925-5176 or at diane.g.wilson@gmail.com. Check in on our website too, we're always updating. 

Have a nice Fall! Keep in touch and feel free to pass on our info to others who may benefit. 

All my best,  Diane