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Is Your Limbic Brain Showing?

Have you ever had a boss or been a boss for whom everything was an emotional issue?  

As a leadership coach, one major pattern I often see that gets leaders in trouble has to do with brain function. I'll make this simple. Different parts of the brain do different things. Operating from different locations, particularly the Limbic Brain or Prefrontal Cortex, can help or hurt our efforts. 

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It's in the Eyes: Moving Past Trauma to Reach Your Peak

I became fascinated by memory and trauma after being in a car accident. As you may know, one day I was sitting in my car at a stoplight, minding my own business, and was broadsided by another driver. Of course, this kind of trauma changed my life. But eventually, with the help of family, friends and a great neurotherapist, I mustered the effort to heal and go forward.

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Spring Forward: It's Time to Clean Out the Negative Stuff

Whether we’re employed or job-seeking, there may be times when we wonder if we’re sabotaging our own progress. We try so hard to do well but insidious little things seem to work against us.

And before we know it, we’ve somehow short-circuited what we were trying to achieve.  We lose our keys, forget to bring the resume, or miss a deadline. It’s like having a tail that knocks over things behind us; we turn around to see the disturbing results—too late.

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