Ancient Grounding for E-Day

Photo: Diane G. Wilson Grounding

Photo: Diane G. Wilson Grounding

Today in my meditation class, our focus was on concepts to help people remove or neutralize the vrittis of chitta (whirlpools of feeling).  My assignment was to pick one of the Yamas (rules for living) from the ancient yoga writings to explore how it can help people with meditation.

I thought WTH!... help with meditation?! Today and tomorrow, people need help with LIFE, although meditation is a great idea too. 

Yes, today is the day before we elect our next president. The world is swimming with stress and fear. We’ve been burdened with information overload centered on political chatter and endless commercials. Texts, phone, TV and social media. Everyone is concerned about what will happen and how it will affect us.  

So, I chose the Yama ahimsa which means non-harm.  Using its formal definition, here's how I worked on in practicing non-harm today: 

  • Releasing negative emotions in the heart… breathing them away.. 

  • Releasing any sort of desire to do violence even in words. 

  • Releasing negative thoughts about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, all political candidates, extremists and even haters. 

  • Accepting this is life today. It's not all of my doing and each of us has our own path for what we will learn from it.

  • Practicing kindness and compassion with all whom I encounter -- my clients, assistant and friends.

These thoughts made my life and meditation much easier today. Ancient wisdom has much to offer us for grounding during these crazy times.  May you be calm and compassionate in this political storm. It will help, wherever this takes us. And, be sure to vote! 

All my best,