A Better Brain, Just by Listening? New At-Home Device

Recently, we discovered Forbrain®, a predominantly at-home intervention that can also be used with us in the office.  With Forbrain®, you listen to your own voice with a special headset that enhances specific frequencies of speech. Bone conduction transmits the sound of your own voice 10 times faster and with greater clarity than air conduction. It’s useful for children and adults — anyone, wanting to improve speaking, memory and focus.

Forbrain® corrects the way you hear your own voice, leading to better speech production and increased confidence. Areas of improvement are:

  • Memory

  • Attention

  • Cognition

  • Speech Fluency

  • Sensory Processing

You may use my special Affiliate Code: 3C6903807 to get an extra 10% off of the current 20% sale. To learn more or to order Forbrain®, go here.

Forbrain® comes with easy to complete prescribed activities and wear times based on age. All you need to do is wear the device for the prescribed time each day while reading aloud and/or speaking/singing to reap the benefits.

Forbrain® headphones leverage high frequency vibration to help you create and process sound. The patented electronic dynamic filter (created by Tomatis®) blocks out environmental noise—isolating and amplifying your voice, giving your nervous system a solid sensory workout. It also enhances long vowels and other sounds critical to the construction of language.

Try this new, cutting-edge tool to give yourself or someone you love that extra edge. If you have questions or would like to figure out how I can best support you, feel free to set up a complimentary consultation.

Happy Almost Fall! Hope you enjoy the transition and let it bring out your best.

Diane Wilson with Lisa Files