Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome® (IM) is a drug-free tool that can help people improve their attention, processing speed, working memory, executive function, and even their golf game.

Coach Tricia and client Carolyn during her summer peak performance training.

Interactive Metronome® (IM) is an evidence-based assessment and training tool that measures & improves Neurotiming, or the synchronization of neural impulses within key brain networks for cognitive, communicative, sensory & motor performance. As the individual activates a trigger in time with a steady auditory beat, IM technology provides real-time auditory and visual feedback for millisecond timing. Knowing whether he is hitting before, after, or exactly in sync with the beat to the millisecond allows the individual to make immediate, online corrections to improve timing & rhythm over the course of training.

Peer reviewed studies repeatedly confirm the importance of timing & rhythm for human performance. According to IM research, improving Neurotiming may result in better function in the following areas:

Processing Speed
Working Memory
Executive Functions
Expressive & Receptive Language

Reading Comprehension
Rate & Fluency, Mathematics
Upper Extremity Function (Parkinson’s, hemiplegia, CP,    hand function)
Motor Coordination
Athletic Performance (golf, soccer)


Sessions can be done either by appointment, in-person in our office or remotely from home with 24/7 availability. If you are ready to begin your training, just call us at (312) 925-5176 to set up your Initial Appointment.


Want to Talk?

If you would like to set up an Interactive Metronome screening and consultation for you or for coaching needs within your company, please fill out the brief questionnaire on this page, and we will contact you shortly. Thanks for your interest.

Diane’s IM Story

You’ll learn about about my own Interactive Metronome® journey from our Blog (Memory, Rhythm, Clapping: The Power of a Millisecond) and my tidy office. Yes, we love this tool and have begun collecting stories from clients.

Client Stories

Annie’s Story: Prior to a major shift in job and geography, she decided some brain brightening was in order. She wanted every advantage in approaching this new step with energy and clarity. She purchased a 15-session package and then completed it over a period of 5 weeks. Congrat’s Annie!


Transition and Confidence

There are certain points in life where you want to feel your best -- and then some. An artist, educator and editor, Annie was looking for brain training to improve her memory and processing before making a job transition.

What is it like to do the IM Program?

IM was challenging, but Annie gained energy, confidence, and more social ease. Her biggest takeaway was success after a nurturing and fruitful experience.


Planting Seeds and Opening Doors

IM can benefit people of any age. For Annie it has planted a seed and opened a door of perception in how she communicates with others. One of her next challenges is to continue learning the German language. "Keep moving forward," she says.