The Genius Project


As a brain coach and psychotherapist, I’m always fascinated with what allows people to perform with excellence.

  • What are the talents and qualities that make others see genius in them?

  • How did they evolve and what keeps them growing and contributing in special ways? 

  • Do they have hardships and bad luck like the rest of us? If so, how do they handle it? 

My definition of genius is simple: You know it when you see it. You think:  "This person has something special." And, most people would agree. It's not necessarily academic achievement, doing well in school, but it could be. It could also be the Mom Genius, Business Genius, Music Genius, Inventor Genius. Whatever, these are people who have evolved to a higher level of competence at least in some area, and they share their talents to make the world a better place.

Geniuses could be super famous people, and we see them all over the media. However, for The Genius Project, I decided to start with people in my own world: friends, acquaintances, mentors and colleagues whom I see at varying levels of closeness.  These are the Everyday Geniuses we see around us. 

Hopefully their stories will inspire you to develop your own special talents and those of your kids and to appreciate genius as it exists all around you. Home, work and life. 

We are all given this life today. How can we make the most of it?

Our first feature is Curt Powell. I’ve known Curt for many years. He’s a composer, playwright, innovation consultant. He’s written musicals and books. He’s a mega multi-talented person that I always wanted to ask so many of the questions you’ll hear in our interview. We created a series of short segments from our longer talk. This one asks the question: What Kind of Kid Were You?! See more on our brand new Channel.

Photos of Curt Powell through the years.
Curtis Powell

Curtis Powell

Everyday Genius Curt Powell

Composer, actor, playwright and author, Curtis received his MA from Northwestern University in Performance Studies with graduate work in Communications, Psycholinguistics and Semantics. Four of his full-length musicals have been produced by Chicago area theatres; Trafford Tanzi (score), Chronic Malcontents (book, lyrics and score), Waking Lazarus (book, lyrics and score), Fairways (score), and he recently completed his fifth musical, Morality Play (score), in collaboration with Janet Burroway, as well as his first stage play Derecho. Roles include the title role in Titus Andronicus, Albert Einstein in Thee Trinity, and Ace in The Royal Society of Antarctica. Curtis’ latest sound designs were featured in Saturday Night Sunday Morning at Steppenwolf, Deirdre of the Sorrows at City Lit and Sylvester at Lifeline. Curtis is also Director of Marketing Communications for a medical society and author of The Disposable Visionary: A Survival Guide for Change Agents.


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